When you set up a Singapore company, you benefit from the transparent policies, pro-entrepreneur environment, a startup ecosystem that supports new businesses, and laws that protect your intellectual property and enforce contracts effectively. However, you also need to comply with strict rules and statutory regulations. This is where corporate secretarial services in Singapore assist you.

Appointing a Corporate Secretary in Singapore

Singapore company secretaries work to ensure corporate governance, compliance with statutory requirements, and coordination with regulatory agencies like ACRA IRAS, and MOM. They take care of administrative tasks and let the managerial staff focus on company goals and growth. As per Singapore Company Act, you must hire:

  • A secretary within six months of your company’s incorporation
  • An appointee who is an ordinarily resident of Singapore & over 18 years in age
  • An appointee who knows how to comply with the Company Act

Singapore Company Secretary: Role and Responsibilities

The company secretaries are the chief compliance officers of their company and are responsible for its administrative functions and statutory obligations.


Singapore Company Secretary: Role and Responsibilities

  • Make sure the company complies with the rules and regulations
  • Update and maintain the company’s statutory registers and records
  • File annual returns as per ACRA’s directives
  • Convey Annual General Meetings and board meetings
  • File amendments to M&AA
  • Stay updated with the changes in the law

Administrative Duties

  • Record and maintain minutes of the meetings
  • Take care of share allotments, issues, & transfers
  • Safekeeping of company seal and its proper use
  • Ensure that the company name and its UEN is on all its letterheads, documents, publications, & notices
  • Communicate with shareholders
  • Ensure that directors, managers, and shareholders are complying with the Company Constitution
  • Ensure that directors, managers, and shareholders are complying with the Company Constitution
  • Ensure corporate governance
  • Ensuring mergers and acquisitions are in the company’s best interests

Benefits of Appointing Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

The hiring of a professional provider of corporate secretarial services benefits your Singapore company in many ways:

  • These providers know the latest changes in rules and how to ensure your compliance
  • The experienced company secretaries are expert in rendering services in compliance with the law. It almost eliminates the mistakes in your filing and getting penalized
  • Letting these professionals take care of compliance reduces your stress levels

Any mistake in your company’s administrative work or governance can tarnish your brand image. Outsourcing the task to an experienced provider of corporate secretarial services and focusing all your attention on achieving your business goals and objectives is the best practical solution.

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