The company secretary Singapore assist their companies in securing their compliance and corporate governance. As per the law, each company needs to hire a company secretary within six months of its date of registration. They can employ a Singapore resident or a company secretarial services.

The appointee needs to have a thorough knowledge of Singapore Company Law, how a company works, and what it takes to ensure its compliance with the statutory regulations in force. The nature of the task makes Singapore company secretarial services the right choice. The corporate governance, administration, and dealing with the statutory regulations require acumen-ship. It is an inherently complex tax fit for the experts and company secretarial services employs such professionals.

Qualification of a Corporate Secretary Singapore

The appointee must be:

  • An ordinarily resident of Singapore (Singaporean, permanent resident, or holder of EntrePass)
  • Over 18 years in age
  • Knowledgeable about the Singapore Companies Act

As per the law, the sole director of a company cannot act as its secretary.

Singapore Company Secretarial Services Take Care of

The company secretary is the chief compliance officer of the company. They take care of administration, discharge statutory obligations, and act as liaison with the regulating agencies.

Your service provider takes care of statutory responsibilities like:

  • Seeing the company’s compliance
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory registers and records
  • Circulating annual reports, interim statements, and accounts
  • Preparing the director’s report
  • Filing annual returns to ACRA
  • Call and hold AGM and board meeting
  • Conveying changes in the company to ACRA
  • Reviewing updates in corporate governance and assisting the directors in meeting their responsibilities

Administrative duties of a company secretary Singapore are as follows:

  • Recording minutes of the meetings
  • Communicating with shareholders
  • Taking care of share allotments and transfers
  • Proper use of company seal and custody
  • Ensuring company name and UEN is on each company letterheads, publications, notices
  • Complying with company constitution
  • Ensuring the board’s decisions are within the framework of the company constitution
  • Ensuring corporate governance
  • Ensuring mergers/acquisitions are in the company’s interest

Outsourcing to Company Secretarial Services

  • An experienced company secretarial services can bring discipline to your company’s compliance.
  • Their secretaries render services that are strictly as per the laws. They drastically reduce mistakes and chances non-compliance.
  • After hiring them, your managerial staff is free to focus on a company’s profit and survival.
  • The providers of company secretarial services Singapore takes care of your compliance and reduce your stress.

SBS Consulting is one of the reputed providers of company secretarial services in Singapore. If you have any queries regarding your company’s compliance, call us on +65 6536 0036 or email us at for answers.

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